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plush vst video demo


High quality lush sounds for producing that plush soulful sound. We built PLUSH with a plug n' play concept. You don't have to fiddle with 1000's of presets to get the sound you so desire.

Retail $24.99
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PLUSH50 (50% OFF)


Effortless Production with PLUSH


PLUSH brings the soulful sounds of pianos, electric pianos, basses, drums, strings, organs, synths, and more, straight to your fingertips. Forget endless presets and complicated settings.

PLUSH is designed to spark your creativity instantly. With a clean interface and intuitive controls, you'll be recording and producing music in no time. Curated presets capture the essence of Soul, Gospel, and Jazz, providing a foundation for your musical explorations. 

has fast loading times and a streamlined workflow to ensure you stay in the creative zone, capturing your ideas while they're hot.




Ep GlideWitMe

Ep RainForest

Ep Spheric
Or SynthOrgan
Pn ChurchPiano

Pn FantasyPiano

Pn FullyGospel

Pn PianoSphere

Pn PlushMellow

Pn WarmGlitzPiano


Ba PhattSynthBass

Ba SoulfulMuteBass

Ba SputtaSynthBass


Dr DrumKit

Dr LofiDrums


Hn PluckinHorns

Hn MutedTrumpet
Ld RnBLead

Ld SynthPluck

Pd AlivePad

Pd BigVocalPad

Pd FuturePad

St LushyStrings
Pd RichStringyPads



Product promo and demo video content.

PLUSH VST: Soulful Sounds Demo (No Talking)

PLUSH VST: Soulful Sounds Demo (No Talking)

Play Video
I Played Treasure By Bruno Mars: PLUSH VST Plugin

I Played Treasure By Bruno Mars: PLUSH VST Plugin

Play Video

Retail $24.99
Use code:
PLUSH50 (50% OFF)

  • Why was PLUSH created?
    Great question. As musicians and producers time and inspiration is key. Do you want to spend hours trying to sift through 1000 sounds to spark creative or start with right ingredients before you cook that gourmet meal?
  • What are the system requirements?
    PLUSH is a (Windows) VST3 plugin. Expect 100-200 MB of RAM usage. PLUSH requires 1.3GB of Free hard disk space. Coming Later: VST3/ AU format for (MAC).
  • How much space is required to install PLUSH?
    Currently PLUSH is 1.3GB. Each present/instrument is ~70-200MB. Our focus was to minimize system resource impact.

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